About Us

We are Dani Sagrera and Bernat Buch, two friends and lovers of sport on two wheels, who one day decided to do something with our bicycle beyond the weekend routes and the talks about the grand tours. With studies in administration, sports and tourism, we have been linked to the tourism sector for more than 10 years, working in an incoming company and in a hotel chain.

L'adoquí was born in times of Covid, during the confinement of the month of March, and pedaling on the local roads during the month of May. In those days of uncertainty, the illusion of creating something in common related to the world that we are passionate about was born in us, and we decided that it was time to, as amateur cyclists that we are, offer a product to other cyclists who, like us, enjoy of the moments, companies and community that this sport brings us.
We worked on the idea for 9 intense months, full of doubts and fears, combining our work with our project, asking the cycling community for their tastes, seeking to fill those holes of desire that every cyclist always has. We got a unique product in Spain that we present here with great enthusiasm and we promise you that this has only just begun. We know our beginning but we don't want to know what our end is. We have many ideas to make you enjoy more on your bikes, on your routes with your friends, and we want you to do it with us. Join L'adoquí and you will be part of an incredible journey by our side.